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Your moment in the spotlight. SoCal Light Letters provides marquee light letter rentals to add a personalized touch to every occasion.

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Welcome to Socal Light Letters

Family owned, passionate about your special moment.

Socal Light Letters elevates San Diego events with premier marquee light letter rentals, transforming celebrations into radiant, unforgettable experiences. Our expert team is dedicated to illuminating your special moments, perfectly complementing the city’s stunning vistas from serene beaches to vibrant urban settings.

In the picturesque city of San Diego, our light letters add a touch of elegance to any setting, making every eventā€”from beachfront weddings to rooftop partiesā€”a luminous spectacle. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service, ensuring your celebration shines brilliantly against the backdrop of San Diego’s natural beauty.

Owner of socal light letters

Mandy Nick

Mandy Nick is the dynamic force behind San Diego’s premier marquee light letter rental company, Socal Light Letters, a legacy passed down by her mother and original founder, Dee Dee Nick. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit instilled by her family, Mandy has expanded the vision to illuminate events across San Diego, drawing inspiration from her love for travel and a commitment to community service as a registered dental hygienist.

SoCal Light Letters, in harmony with its sister company, Alchemy Wedding Designs based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, brings the magic of marquee light letters to the West Coast. Responding to their soaring popularity in Tulsa and beyond, Mandy saw the perfect opportunity to create memorable, bright moments in San Diego. Alchemy Wedding Designs’ success with these illuminating letters sparked the idea to offer something unique and spectacular for every celebration, from proposals to grand events.

With a promise to make every occasion shine, Mandy and her team at Socal Light Letters are dedicated to delivering elegance, style, and unforgettable experiences. Their robust inventory of exquisite light letters ensures that every event, no matter how big or small, is imbued with a special glow, making your proposal an epic experience and your celebration a luminous spectacle to remember.